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JoAnn Funk doesn’t sing a song as much as she whispers it in your ear. She’s part Blossom Dearie, part Dusty Springfield, a bit Nellie McKay, a hint of Norah Jones,a dash of Stacey Kent, a splash of Diana Krall... Pamela Espeland MinnPost

 This Twin Cities jazz pianist swings ... Jon Bream Minneapolis Star Tribune

Your (trio) show was a tour de' force, delightfully demonstrating both talent and hard work ... American Cruise Lines guest     


The JoAnn Funk Trio Show

 "It doesn't matter when the song was written. I play and arrange the songs I love. " says JoAnn. The JoAnn Funk trio performs music from Nat King Cole to Bob Dylan, Cole Porter to  Leonard Cohen, Dave Brubeck, Norah Jones, Waylon Jennings  and John Hartford,  all the while keeping the style that is so much their own.

A charismatic and warm presence on stage, JoAnn has an intimate smokey voice, accompanied by her tasteful piano playing. She is also an stunning jazz pianist in her own right, with a sparkling technique that shows her classical piano training and an innate sense of swing. The trio's instrumental numbers, like Blue Rondo Ala Turk, shine. 

Bassist/baritone Jeff Brueske has a marvelous bass sound and is the anchor of this group.  His clear high baritone voice astonishes, and he shines as he sings anything from music of the 30's to Roger Miller and the Beatles.  JoAnn and Jeff established Jazz in The Lobby Bar at the Saint Paul Hotel,  and performed regularly together for nine years, from 2007- 2016.  

Nathan, a creative, tasteful and swinging drummer, adds the perfect glue to this amazing trio. With his degree in percussion from the Eastman School of Music, his astonishing technique knows no bounds, yet is always done in sync with JoAnn's arrangements. 

This Twin Cities based trio has been performing together for over 15 years. They play together with the ease of old friends; their musical camaraderie as they play with the ease of old friends is a joy for audiences to see and hear. They have recorded 2 CDs together, played for jazz festivals, concerts and in clubs.

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Bassist Jeff Brueske and drummer Nathan Norman join JoAnn for this fascinating and education musical show! Join this swinging trio for a  trip through the music and stories of our great jazz pianist singers: Fats Waller, Nat King Cole, Blossom Dearie, Diana Krall and more!

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